Kiritimati Hospital Workshop and Graduation

At the end of January, 46 health professionals at the Ronton Hospital in Kirimati, Kiribati, underwent a four day training workshop at the POLHN Learning Centre. The purpose of this was to learn about POLHN, the e-learning platform for continued professional development in health.


Kiritimati Hospital Workshop

From nursing officers and pharmacists, to lab technicians and doctors, this workshop was a success for all at Kiritimati Hospital. Opened by the Senior Nursing Officer, the program first taught participants how to enrol online for continued professional development courses. Next, they learned about Infection Prevention and Control, one of POLHN’s most popular courses.  After learning about the issue itself, students participated in group activities and completed POLHN’s online course on the topic.

Over the coming days, staff learned a variety of skills ranging from how to prepare a quality Word document to Pacific perioperative practice. They were also trained in using HINARI Online, a tool used to access the latest medical literature. After the three days, all 46 students successfully completed the course, and were the starts of a lively and joyous graduation ceremony.


Kiritimati Hospital Learning Centre

The POLHN Learning Centre at Ronton Hospital is fitted out with all the essentials: air conditioning, security, computers and a scanner. Located in the  main complex, it is an ideal spot for social learning, where nurses and dentists alike can improve their skills together. With so many able students now using POLHN in Kiritimati, this Learning Centre will certainly be kept busy!

For more information on POLHN in Kiribati, contact Ms Terere Takai (email here).

Kiritimati Hospital students at their graduation

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