Help - POLHN

Help - POLHN

How do I find out what courses or programmes are offered by POLHN?

There are several ways to find the courses offered. Since POLHN keeps adding new courses to its self-paced course bank, you can sign-up for the monthly bulletin, visit facebook or contact your local POLHN focal point for information. You may also visit or email to

Where can I get the application form?

Application forms are available online in PDF format. If you are unable to download due to slow internet, you can send an email You can also collect application forms from any POLHN centre. How can I send my application? You can either scan or take a photo and send an electronic copy to Hard-copy application forms will not be considered. No application form is required for self-paced courses. Click login to access courses.

When do I apply for sponsorship?

Apply as soon as you get notification that applications are open for instructor-led courses FNU/PPTC/Penn Foster courses). For FNU courses, candidates need to apply each semester to continue with sponsorship. Dates are updated on and updates are sent to all POLHN members. Use sign-up for new course alerts

How long does it take for POLHN to confirm sponsorship?

The process normally takes two months. The application goes through different vetting systems to ensure selection transparency before sponsorship is awarded. Interested candidates should follow-up with POLHN to confirm whether they are sponsored

Do I have to pay to take the course or programme?

Applicants are not required to pay for any POLHN courses, however, they may be charged an FNU administration fee for an examination resit and other related costs. The cost of the programme is borne by POLHN.

How many courses can I take on POLHN?

Applicants can take one sponsored unit at a time from FNU, PPTC or Penn Foster. Any other unit cost will be borne by the student. Students can do multiple self-paced courses at one time; POLHN does not have any restriction on the number of self-paced courses students can take.

Where can I access POLHN?

You can access POLHN from any POLHN centre or from any internet-connected device including mobile devices.

When can I use POLHN centres?

POLHN centres can be accessed during office hours. Special arrangements can sometimes be made through ministries of health outside office hours.

I don’t have access to a regional POLHN centre. How can I take POLHN courses?

Offline POLHN courses are available on DVD and USB. Enquire with your POLHN focal point for a copy of POLHN’s offline courses

Can I use POLHN centres for other training purposes?

POLHN centres can be used for all Ministry of Health-approved training. To host any training at a POLHN centre, contact your local POLHN focal point or the Ministry of Health

What do I do if I have moved to another country or if I change jobs?

All POLHN-sponsored students are required to inform the POLHN Secretariat Office in case of relocation internationally. The POLHN Secretariat Office should also be advised in case of change of employer. POLHN partners with ministries of health, so sponsored candidates will also be required to inform their Ministry of Health of such changes. Failure to inform the POLHN Secretariat Office may lead to cancellation of sponsorship. No restrictions are placed on self-paced course users.

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