Salt Reduction

This course of Salt Reduction has been developed by World Health Organization. It aims to deliver  valuable  insights  on  the Salt  Reduction  for  Public  Health  Practitioners.  The  main topic  areas  we  will  focus  in  this  course  are  facts  about  salt  reduction,  overview  on  salt reduction,  recommendations  and  myths  for  less  salt  and  reduce  salt  in  diet.  The  course provides  different  features  to  reinforce  knowledge  retention  and  to  achieve  the  learning objectives.  The  course  places  a  strong  emphasis  on  using  the  contextualized  and  relevant examples  for  the  development  and  improvement  of  underlying  concepts involved  in  Salt Reduction.

The course is divided into following 04 modules:

  • Facts about Salt Reduction
  • Salt Reduction Overview
  • Recommendations and Myths for less salt
  • How to reduce salt in diet

In  case  you  have  any  queries  about  the  course  contents,  examples  or  quizzes,  feel  free  to use  the  Discussion  Forum  for  interacting  with  Course  Coordinator  or  peers  for  mutual learning and knowledge sharing.

Happy Learning!


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